Spay Neuter Pet NH

ARVS Spay & Neuter Clinics for Cats, Dogs & Rabbits

We offer clinics to spay and neuter your dogs, cats and rabbits. Your pet must be healthy and less than 5 years old. While at the clinic your pet will have surgery, be given pain medications, have toe nails clipped, be treated for fleas and ear mites, and be given rabies and distemper vaccines. All cats will need to come to the clinic in a safe carrier (one cat per carrier) with a towel in it. Your pet will go home the same day as the surgery and need to rest for 7 days after surgery.

The costs are as follows (cash or card):

Female Dog Spay
3-50 pounds $280
51-70 pounds $350
71-90 pounds $450

Male Dog Neuter
3-50 pounds $250
51-70 pounds $300
71-90 pounds $350

Female Cat Spay
2 months – 5 years $100

Male Cat Neuter
2 months – 5 years $100

Rabbit Spay or Neuter

Caring for Your Pet After Surgery

PLEASE NOTE: We are not a full service veterinary hospital and cannot treat sick or injured pets. We do not administer vaccines unless the pet is being spayed or neutered.

Scheduling an Appointment

Please click here to schedule an appointment.  You will receive a return email from one of our volunteers within the week.

Financial Assistance

If you can prove the need for financial assistance, we can work with you to have your cat spayed and neutered with us.