ARVS Veterinary Services NH

Need Help Paying for Your Spay or Neuter?

If you need help paying for your spay or neuter you may be able to find help at one of the following services.

The Department of Agriculture (Plan B)

Animal Rescue Veterinary Services accepts surgery vouchers from the NH Department of Agriculture (Plan B) and NH spay and alter services. These programs are available for those able to prove financial need. The Department of Agriculture (Plan B) information is available at (603) 271-3697 or you can download your application here.

World Spay Day

If your pet is a Cat or a Pit Bull and you are unable to get aid from the source listed above, please contact ARVS as we may be able to help.

World Spay Day, February 28th, 2017

We are happy to be a participant in the World Spay Day Event on February 28, 2017!