We call him Grafton. You helped save his life.

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ARVS NHGrafton was nameless and homeless when he arrived at ARVS. Found crying in the street by a local animal control officer, Grafton bravely trusted Dr. Kim Trahan, ARVS founder, to examine his injuries at our non-profit clinic in Londonderry, NH. Her assessment was heartbreaking. Grafton was suffering from 3rd degree burns on his buttocks, belly and hind legs that had destroyed over 20% of his skin surface, most likely an act of human cruelty.

Dr. Trahan’s treatment plan for Grafton was complex and required exceptional surgical skill. Immediate fluid replacement, pain medicine and infection prevention were the prelude to a series of skin grafts. Dr. Trahan closed Grafton’s wounds with skin and fur from healthier, “donor” parts of his body—taking care to even match his fur stripes!

Between surgeries, Grafton was cared for by an ARVS volunteer in her home where he received lots of dressing changes, good food and above all—love. Thanks to your generous financial support, Dr. Trahan and ARVS volunteers, Grafton is healthy again and now lives with his caring adoptive family.

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